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Nigel Marven Bitten on the Nose by a Boa
Nigel Marven Bitten by a Boa

Nigel Marven didn't expect to be bitten on the nose by this boa, we could see it coming!

In Photos: Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven
Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven in Photos

Nigel Marven saw some incredible wildlife in Colombia and here's the proof!

Nigel Marven Wrestles an Enormous Anaconda
Nigel Marven Wrestles an Anaconda

Nigel Marven wrestles an enormous anaconda during Wild Colombia.

In Photos: South America: Earthflight
South America: Earthflight in Photos

Condors soar along the Andes and scarlet macaws explore the heart of the Amazon.

In Photos: The Dark
The Dark in Photos

George McGavin uncovers the wild wonders in the darkness of Central and South America.

Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires
Dance the Tango in Argentina

Get on your feet and learn the tango in its native land Buenos Aires.

Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail in Peru
Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail

Peru's fabled Inca Trail is the legendary hike to the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Ciudad Perdida in Colombia
Ciudad Perdida in Colombia

Unleash your inner Indiana Jones by taking on one of the world's great jungle treks.

Travel on a South Pacific Cargo Boat
South Pacific Boat Trip

Cargo vessels are the closest you can get to recreating the golden age of sea travel.

Galapagos Wildlife Safari
Galapagos Wildlife Safari

These remote, rocky islands are the Pacific’s biggest eco-tourist draw.

Brazil's Salvador Carnival
Brazil's Salvador Carnival

Party-goers in the know head to sizzling Salvador.

The Equator Facts
The Equator Facts

Find out more about the line lying equidistant between North and South Poles; the Equator.