Costa Rica: The Rise of Nature

A three-part series exploring how, despite countless challenges, this small Central American country has become a world leader in environmental protection and the fight against global warming. Dry forests, rainforests, volcanoes, marine parks... Costa Rica has so many abundant ecosystems, rich in extraordinary fauna and flora, which currently offer a real sanctuary to more than 5% of the world's biodiversity. Thanks to a proactive and innovative ecological policy, Costa Rica is now one of the few countries in the world - and the only one in America - to see significant year-on-year growth in forest cover. A discovery of several fabulous Eden-like biotopes, but also a record of the unprecedented efforts that scientists and ordinary citizens make every day to preserve, and in some cases restore, an exceptional natural heritage, Costa Rica offers a story of hope and optimism, at a time when the whole of humanity is facing choices that will affect its future.