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Earth: The Power of the Planet

Series 1

Earth: The Power of the Planet

  • Volcano

    The powerful natural forces that shaped the planet, starting with volcanos, possibly the most important element of the climatic processes that ended the ice age.

  • Oceans

    Dr Iain Stewart examines the role of oceans in the formation of Earth as it is today, from shaping coastlines to the phenomenon of El Nino.

  • Atmosphere

    Dr Iain Stewart examines Earth's unique atmosphere, explaining how it was initially made up of noxious volcanic gases until the emergence of life forms gave the planet oxygen.

  • Ice

    Dr Iain Stewart examines the role of ice in changing the course of human evolution and shaping the planet's landscape, and asks what will happen if it melts due to climate change.

  • Rare Earth

    Dr Iain Stewart demonstrates the strength Earth derives from its position in the solar system and the protection afforded by the presence of the larger Jupiter.