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In Photos: Operation Iceberg

Operation Iceberg in Photos

The Operation Iceberg team follow the epic journey of an iceberg out at sea.

In Photos: Deserts and Life

Deserts and Life in Photos

Deserts are the most haunting of all the Earth's landscapes.

The Continents

The Continents

The seven continents of the world are made up of four continuous landmasses.

In Photos: Super Volcano

Super Volcano in Photos

Super Volcano whether Yellowstone could turn in to a super volcano.

In Photos: Mountains

Mountains in Photos

See pictures of some of the world's most amazing mountains.

In Photos: Voyage of the Continents

Voyage of the Continents in Photos

Massive tectonic forces have sculpted and re-sculpted our world in a never-ending journey.

In Photos: Land: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Land: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth in Photos

Richard Hammond investigates the workings of Earth.

In Photos: How to Grow a Planet

How to Grow a Planet in Photos

Photos taken during filming of the documentary series.

In Photos: Amazing Planet

Amazing Planet in Photos

Photos of the Earth's raw power taken from the series Amazing Planet.

In Photos: Auroras

Auroras in Photos

Aurora's are natural light displays particularly visible at high latitudes.

Life On Fire Trailer

Life On Fire Trailer

Life on Fire is an earth shattering series.

Attenborough on The Unexplored Earth

Attenborough on The Unexplored Earth

Sir David Attenborough talks about giant underground caves.

Unexplored Earth Facts

Unexplored Earth Facts

Some lesser known places on our planet are some of the most incredible.

Thunder and Lightning Facts

Thunder and Lightning

There are an average of 100 lightning strikes per second around the world.

The UK's Weirdest Weather

The UK's Weirdest Weather

Falling frogs, mini twisters and red rain - find out more about the UK's weirdest weather.

Flood Facts

Flood Facts

Find out more about the destructive force of floods.