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The now extinct Smilodon is one of the most famous of the sabre-toothed cats.

Rhinoceros Clip: Ep 2: Natural Curiosities
Thick-Skinned Rhinos

The thick, folded skin of the rhinoceros looks almost like armour plating.

In Photos: The Life of Birds
The Life of Birds in Photos

Colonising the land, sea and air, could birds be the greatest group of animals on Earth?

Spotted Hyaenas
Spotted Hyaenas Facts and Photos

The most common African carnivore spotted hyaenas are the hunter-scavenger top dog!

Painted Lady Butterflies
Painted Lady Butterflies Facts and Photos

Painted ladies are a popular butterfly, which undergoes a curious relay migration.

Swifts and Swallows
Swifts and Swallows Facts and Photos

Swifts and swallows are unrelated yet superficially similar. Can you tell the difference?

Seahorse Facts and Photos

Seahorses are a remarkable fish with the males becoming pregnant with the female's eggs.

Spider Facts and Photos

Even if your an arachnophobe spiders are still a remarkable animal!

Weaver Birds
Weaver Birds Facts and Photos

Weaver birds build exquisite nest structures that can rival any human engineering.

Electric Eel
Electric Eel Facts and Photos

Electric eels are famed for their ability to produce an electric shock.

Gorilla Facts and Photos

The largest of the primates, gorillas aren't as savage as they were once thought to be.

Winter Animal Athletes
Wild Winter Athletes

You may have some incredible athletes on your TV right now, but how about these wild ones?

Common Cuckoos
Cuckoo Facts and Photos

Cuckoos take advantage of other birds by tricking them into rearing their young for them.

Death's Head Hawkmoth
Death's Head Hawkmoth Facts and Photos

Death's head hawkmoths may be pretty startling to us but they're almost invisible to bees.

Wood Frog
Wood Frog Facts and Photos

Wood frogs have the curious ability to withstand freezing.

Giant Squid
Giant Squid Facts and Photos

Giant squid are enormous deep-sea cephalopods found throughout the world's oceans.