Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough
David Attenborough

The face and voice of natural history television, Sir David's career has spanned 60 years.

In Photos: Wildest Africa
Wildest Africa in Photos

Some incredible images from the series Wildest Africa.

In Photos: Amazing Africa
Amazing Africa in Photos

Celebrating the best of Africa, the second largest continent on Earth.

In Photos: Central Asia
Central Asia in Photos

Central Asia includes Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

In Photos: Australia
Australia in Photos

Revel in the very best Australia has to offer with this gallery.

In Photos: Incredible India
Incredible India in Photos

Celebrate the best of India with these pictures of the world's seventh largest country.

In Photos: Deep Blue
Deep Blue in Photos

See all kinds of underwater life with these pictures of fish and sea creatures.

In Photos: Mountains
Mountains in Photos

See pictures of some of the world's most amazing mountains.

In Photos: Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough in Photos

Sir David has had a distinguished natural history career, and here's the proof!

In Photos: Lion Country
Lion Country in Photos

See images of the magnificent big cats from Lion County in our photo gallery.

In Photos: Madagascar
Madagascar in Photos

Here are some remarkable pictures from the stunning series Madagascar.

In Photos: The Life of Mammals
The Life of Mammals in Photos

See photos from the landmark series The Life of Mammals.

In Photos: Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
Tiger: Spy in the Jungle in Photos

Tiger: Spy in the Jungle captures the day-to-day lives of four tiny tiger cubs.

In Photos: Tribe
Tribe in Photos

Re-live your favourite Tribe moments with these pictures from the brilliant series.

In Photos: Ray Mears
Ray Mears in Photos

Take a look at these photos of the intrepid TV bushcraft and survival expert.

In Photos: Planet Earth
Planet Earth in Photos

Showing the most extreme places on Earth and the animals who live there.

In Photos: Human Planet
Human Planet in Photos

A gallery of photos from the incredible human natural history series Human Planet.

In Photos: Life
Life in Photos

Stunning pictures from Sir David Attenborough's landmark wildlife series Life.

In Photos: Yellowstone
Yellowstone in Photos

Exploring the park’s incredibly diverse wildlife population and geology.

In Photos: USA
USA in Photos

See the best the USA has to offer with these pictures celebrating the land of the free.

In Photos: Wild Britain
Wild Britain in Photos

Pictures of bushcraft expert and wildlife presenter Ray Mears' series, Wild Britain.

In Photos: Canada
Canada in Photos

Incredible images from one of the most sparsely populated countries on the planet.

In Photos: Giraffes
Giraffes in Photos

Sometimes you need a wide angle lens to fit the world’s tallest land animal into a photo.

In Photos: Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragons in Photos

Power, venom, patience; the Komodo dragon has all the virtues of a killer.

In Photos: Lemurs
Lemurs in Photos

Locked on the island of Madagascar, it's no wonder lemurs are so unique!

In Photos: Big Cats
Big Cats in Photos

The big cats are some of the biggest land predators on the planet!

In Photos: Tigers
Tigers in Photos

Tigers are the largest of all the cats and one of the most deadly!

In Photos: Lions
Lions in Photos

Lions are the sociable members of the cat family.

In Photos: Elephants
Elephants in Photos

Their trunks, tusks and immense size sets elephants in a class of their own!

In Photos: African Elephants
African Elephants in Photos

African elephants are even larger than there Asian relatives.

In Photos: Stretched to the Limit: Filming Natural Curiosities
Stretched to the Limit: Filming Natural Curiosities in Photos

A collection of images from the filming of the Stretched to the Limit episode.

In Photos: A Curious Twist: Filming Natural Curiosities
A Curious Twist: Filming Natural Curiosities in Photos

A collection of images from the filming of the A Curious Twist episode.

In Photos: To the Ends of the Earth: Frozen Planet
To the Ends of the Earth: Frozen Planet in Photos

Frozen Planet heads to the ends of the earth to capture incredible wildlife.

In Photos: Seasons: Frozen Planet
Seasons: Frozen Planet in Photos

The Frozen Planet can be surprisingly full of life.

In Photos: Baby Hippos
Baby Hippos in Photos

Baby hippos can still weigh around the same as an adult human.

In Photos: Owls
Owls in Photos

Owls are some of the most widely dispersed birds in the world.

In Photos: Penguins
Penguins in Photos

Penguins are perfectly adapted for an aquatic life.

In Photos: Auroras
Auroras in Photos

Aurora's are natural light displays particularly visible at high latitudes.

In Photos: Big Cat Cubs
Big Cat Cubs in Photos

From snow leopard cubs to white tiger cubs, learn more about the big cats' young.

In Photos: Sharks
Sharks in Photos

There are over 470 species of shark. See some of them in action.

In Photos: Poison Dart Frogs
Poison Dart Frogs in Photos

Poison dart frog is the common name of a group of Central and South American frogs.

In Photos: Monkeys
Monkeys In Photos

Monkeys are incredibly diverse, intelligent primates.

In Photos: Human Planet Competition
Human Planet Competition in Photos

Eden's Human Planet photo competition as chosen by Timothy Allen.

In Photos: Great Barrier Reef: Nature's Miracle
Nature's Miracle in Photos

Photos taken from the Nature's Miracle episode of Great Barrier Reef.

In Photos: Great Barrier Reef: Reef to Rainforest
Reef to Rainforest in Photos

Photos taken from the Reef to Rainforest episode of Great Barrier Reef.

In Photos: Amazing Planet
Amazing Planet in Photos

Photos of the Earth's raw power taken from the series Amazing Planet.

In Photos: Vanishing Antarctic
Vanishing Antarctic in Photos

Polar pictures from the programme Vanishing Antarctic.

In Photos: Space Exploration
Space Exploration in Photos

The twentieth century dawned the age of space exploration.

In Photos: Solar System
Solar System in Photos

View our solar system's eight planetary bodies from the comfort of Earth.

In Photos: Plants
Plants in Photos

Plants are dazzlingly intricate and beautiful in equal measure.

In Photos: Amphibians
Amphibians in Photos

Wet-skinned amphibians can be gloriously coloured or unashamedly drab.

In Photos: Snakes
Snakes in Photos

Snakes are the stuff of some people's nightmares.

In Photos: Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs in Photos

Our only view of real dinosaurs are left in the fossils that we uncover.

In Photos: Insects
Insects in Photos

Insects represent over half of all known living organisms.

In Photos: Butterflies and Moths
Butterflies and Moths in Photos

Butterflies and moths are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

In Photos: Fish
Fish in Photos

Fish come in a vast range of sizes and design.

In Photos: Natural Curiosities Series 1
Natural Curiosities Series 1 in Photos

Photos from Sir David Attenborough's exploration of nature’s evolutionary anomalies.

In Photos: How to Grow a Planet
How to Grow a Planet in Photos

Photos taken during filming of the documentary series.

In Photos: Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla in Photos

A gallery of images from the series Mountain Gorilla.

In Photos: North America: Earthflight
North America: Earthflight in Photos

Images from the North American episode of Earthflight.

In Photos: Africa: Earthflight
Africa: Earthflight in Photos

Fly over Africa on the back of a vulture and see the African continent with fresh eyes.

In Photos: Voyage of the Continents
Voyage of the Continents in Photos

Massive tectonic forces have sculpted and re-sculpted our world in a never-ending journey.

In Photos: Land: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Land: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth in Photos

Richard Hammond investigates the workings of Earth.

In Photos: Ocean: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Ocean: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth in Photos

What lies at the bottom of the oceans? What would happen if the planet lost them?

In Photos: Museum of Life
Museum of Life in Photos

There are 70 million specimens to explore in the wonderful NHM.

In Photos: Boteti – The Returning River
Boteti – The Returning River in Photos

The Boteti gradually dried up leaving zebras, elephants and crocodiles high and dry.

In Photos: Europe: Earthflight
Europe: Earthflight in Photos

We soar with cranes and geese over Venice, the white cliffs of Dover and Edinburgh.

In Photos: Miracles
Miracles in Photos

A gallery of images from the series of programmes involving miraculous survival.

In Photos: South America: Earthflight
South America: Earthflight in Photos

Condors soar along the Andes and scarlet macaws explore the heart of the Amazon.

In Photos: Asia and Australasia: Earthflight
Asia and Australasia: Earthflight in Photos

Demoiselle cranes negotiate a Himalayan pass while bar-headed geese fly five miles above.

In Photos: Flying High: Earthflight
Flying High: Earthflight in Photos

Earthflight also relied on some extraordinary relationships.

In Photos: Baby Monkeys and Apes
Baby Monkeys and Apes in Photos

Baby monkeys can tug at the heart strings of even the sternest of people.

In Photos: Life in the Undergrowth
Life in the Undergrowth in Photos

Life in the Undergrowth explores the creepy crawly side of life.

In Photos: Ant Attack
Ant Attack in Photos

This army of 20m sisters thrives by ravaging the forest, killing everything it meets!

In Photos: Autumn: The Bear Family and Me
Autumn: The Bear Family and Me in Photos

The bears are in danger when hunters move into the forest.

In Photos: Spring: The Bear Family and Me
Spring: The Bear Family and Me in Photos

Before Gordon can start filming he faces a major challenge - to earn the bears' trust.

In Photos: Summer: The Bear Family and Me
Summer: The Bear Family and Me in Photos

Gordon discovers that bear cub Hope has been abandoned by her mother.

In Photos: Wonders of the Solar System
Wonders of the Solar System in Photos

Explore the different facets of our solar system with Prof Brian Cox.

In Photos: Wonders of the Universe
Wonders of the Universe in Photos

Who better to explore the universe with than Prof Brian Cox?

In Photos: The Dark
The Dark in Photos

George McGavin uncovers the wild wonders in the darkness of Central and South America.

In Photos: Land of the Lost Wolves
Land of the Lost Wolves in Photos

Photos of Gordon Buchanan's struggle to find and film the elusive wolf.

In Photos: Secrets of Our Living Planet
Secrets of Our Living Planet in Photos

New scientific discoveries reveal some incredibly improbable connections.

In Photos: Voyages of Construction
Voyages of Construction in Photos

Voyages Of Construction uncovers the ultimate engineering stories.

In Photos: Swimming with Killer Whales
Swimming with Killer Whales in Photos

One of the most wide-spread mammals on the planet, they inhabit every ocean.

In Photos: Wildlife Rescue Africa
Wildlife Rescue Africa in Photos

Wildlife Rescue Africa follows the work of a wildlife conservation team.

In Photos: Deep Blue Dive
Deep Blue Dive in Photos

Trevor Hutton is self-trained but South Africa has always cautioned against the sport.

In Photos: Gannets: The Wrong Side of the Run
Gannets: The Wrong Side of the Run in Photos

Gannets are large, yellow-headed seabirds with a voracious appetite for sardines.

In Photos: Bang Goes the Theory
Bang Goes the Theory in Photos

Bang Goes the Theory undertakes the science experiments you've always wanted to do!

In Photos: Cheetah: Prince of Speed
Cheetah: Prince of Speed in Photos

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth, keeping up with them is a struggle.

In Photos: Super Smart Animals
Super Smart Animals in Photos

Liz Bonnin meets some incredibly intelligent animals.

In Photos: Ganges
Ganges in Photos

The Ganges is one of the most powerful rivers in the world.

In Photos: Titanoboa
Titanoboa in Photos

The animal is a relative of modern boas and lived in Colombia 58-60 million years ago.

In Photos: Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean in Photos

Simon Reeve’s voyage of discovery takes in the natural as well as the human world.

In Photos: The Blue Planet
The Blue Planet in Photos

Sir David Attenborough's seminal ocean classic.

In Photos: Killer Whale Island
Killer Whale Island in Photos

Nigel Marven encounters penguin colonies, birds of prey and swathes of breeding sea birds.

In Photos: The Secrets of Everything
The Secrets of Everything in Photos

Exploring questions like whether you could survive a falling lift or why the sky is blue.

In Photos: Killer Elephants
Killer Elephants in Photos

Years of research led staff to a disturbing conclusion; elephants may be killing rhinos.

In Photos: Raising Big Blue
Raising Big Blue in Photos

Following Canadian scientists as they uncover a buried skeleton of a blue whale.

In Photos: To Boldly Go
To Boldly Go in Photos

Kevin Fong looks at how we can survive underwater and how the body responds to altitude.

In Photos: Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven
Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven in Photos

Up and down the coastline, Nigel Marven meets whale-watchers, scientists and researchers.