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In Photos: Polar Bear Family & Me

Polar Bear Family & Me in Photos

Take a look at some spectacular images from Gordon Buchanan's Polar Bear Family & Me.

In Photos: Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice

Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice in Photos

The technology used to film this stunning series helped gather some incredible images.

In Photos: Operation Iceberg

Operation Iceberg in Photos

The Operation Iceberg team follow the epic journey of an iceberg out at sea.

Frozen Planet Trailer

Frozen Planet Trailer

The Frozen Planet showcases some of the world's harshest environments.

In Photos: Vanishing Antarctic

Vanishing Antarctic in Photos

Polar pictures from the programme Vanishing Antarctic.

In Photos: Seasons: Frozen Planet

Seasons: Frozen Planet in Photos

The Frozen Planet can be surprisingly full of life.

In Photos: To the Ends of the Earth: Frozen Planet

To the Ends of the Earth: Frozen Planet in Photos

Frozen Planet heads to the ends of the earth to capture incredible wildlife.

Sail to the Arctic Circle

Sail to the Arctic Circle

Hurtigruten ferries sail the Norwegian coast, travelling through breathtaking scenery.

Arctic Expeditions

Arctic Expeditions

Read about the Arctic explorers who risked everything to reach the top of the world.

The Future of the North and South Poles

The Future of the North and South Poles

What impact will global warming, holes in the ozone and atmospheric haze have?

Polar Region Facts

Polar Region Facts

Find out more about the most inhospitable places on the planet; the Arctic and Antarctic.

An Interview with Arctic Explorer, Jim McNeill

Arctic Explorer Interview

Arctic explorer Jim McNeill chats to Eden about his expeditions to the North Pole.

Weddell Seals

Weddell Seal Facts and Photos

The Arctic Weddell seals were named after British sailor, Captain James Weddell.

Meet the Penguins in Antarctica

See Penguins in Antarctica

Follow top travel writer Tom Hall's advice on how to get to the Antarctic.

Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguin Facts and Photos

Learn all about the penguins synonymous with the coldest place on earth.