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How To Film Badgers With Nigel Marven
How To Film Badgers With Nigel Marven

Nigel stakes out a sett to show how to film this illusive mammal's fascinating behaviour.

Spotting the Tracks and Signs of Wildlife
Spotting the Tracks and Signs of Wildlife

You want to head out and film wildlife, but how do you find it? Simon King gives his tips.

Smilodon: Ice Age Giants Clip
Smilodon: Ice Age Giants Clip

Professor Alice Roberts asks how did Smilodon use it's terrifying teeth?

In Photos: Great Bear Stakeout
Great Bear Stakeout in Photos

Great Bear Stakeout watches the every move of a population of grizzly bears.

Rhinoceros Clip: Ep 2: Natural Curiosities
Thick-Skinned Rhinos

The thick, folded skin of the rhinoceros looks almost like armour plating.

Hedgehog Clip: Ep 2: Natural Curiosities
Prickly Hedgehogs

The hedgehogs spiky armour would put off any prospective mother-to-be.

Gorilla Clip: Ep 5: Natural Curiosities Series 2
The Discovery of the Gorilla

The discovery of a new powerfully built ape fuelled stories of savage beasts.

Vampire Bat Clip: Ep 5: Natural Curiosities Series 2
Vampire Bat Feeding on Livestock

A vampire bat feeds on the blood of a pig after opening a wound in its leg.

Hyaenas Clip: Ep 9: Natural Curiosities Series 2
Highborn Hyaenas

Could the hyaenas adult physiology explain their complex sexual behaviour?

The Curious Case of Spotted Hyaenas and Sex
The Curious Case of Hyaenas and Sex

Spotted hyaenas are far more remarkable than their evil, cackling scavenger label.

Spotted Hyaenas
Spotted Hyaenas Facts and Photos

The most common African carnivore spotted hyaenas are the hunter-scavenger top dog!

Gorilla Facts and Photos

The largest of the primates, gorillas aren't as savage as they were once thought to be.

Hedgehog Facts and Photos

Hedgehogs are a famously spiny mammal distantly related to shrews.

Rhino Facts and Photos

Rhinos are easily identified by their distinct facial horns and thick, grey skin.

In Photos: Operation Snow Tiger
Operation Snow Tiger in Photos

Helping to protect the Siberian tiger is a daunting prospect!

In Photos: Mammals
Mammals in Photos

Mammals include the largest and most successful animals on the planet.

Lions on the Move Clip
Lions on the Move Clip

Watch a clip of the series covering Lions on the Move.

In Photos: Hyenas from Lions on the Move
Hyenas from Lions on the Move in Photos

There were more than just lions in Lions on the Move... There were hyenas too!

In Photos: Lions On The Move
Lions On The Move in Photos

Kevin Richardson makes sure his lions and hyenas live as enriched of lives as possible.

In Photos: Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice
Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice in Photos

The technology used to film this stunning series helped gather some incredible images.

In Photos: Gorilla Revisted with David Attenborough
Gorilla Revisted with David Attenborough in Photos

View images of Sir David Attenborough as he presents Gorilla Revisted.

In Photos: Jaguar Man
Jaguar Man in Photos

Leandro is the Jaguar Man, check out our gallery of photos from the programme.

In Photos: Kangaroo Dundee
Kangaroo Dundee in Photos

Australian Brolga rescues baby kangaroos from the roadside and nurses them back to health.

In Photos: Wildebeest
Wildebeest in Photos

Famous for their epic migrations, wildebeest herds are a sight to behold.

In Photos: Hedgehogs
Hedgehogs in Photos

Hedgehogs are renowned for their spiky, modified guard hairs.

In Photos: Orang-utans
Orang-utans in Photos

Everyone has a soft spot for the iconic orang-utan, the king of the swingers.

In Photos: Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven
Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven in Photos

Up and down the coastline, Nigel Marven meets whale-watchers, scientists and researchers.

In Photos: Killer Elephants
Killer Elephants in Photos

Years of research led staff to a disturbing conclusion; elephants may be killing rhinos.

In Photos: Cheetah: Prince of Speed
Cheetah: Prince of Speed in Photos

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth, keeping up with them is a struggle.

In Photos: Baby Hippos
Baby Hippos in Photos

Baby hippos can still weigh around the same as an adult human.

In Photos: Madagascar
Madagascar in Photos

Here are some remarkable pictures from the stunning series Madagascar.

In Photos: African Elephants
African Elephants in Photos

African elephants are even larger than there Asian relatives.

In Photos: Tigers
Tigers in Photos

Tigers are the largest of all the cats and one of the most deadly!

In Photos: Giraffes
Giraffes in Photos

Sometimes you need a wide angle lens to fit the world’s tallest land animal into a photo.

In Photos: Lions
Lions in Photos

Lions are the sociable members of the cat family.

In Photos: Lemurs
Lemurs in Photos

Locked on the island of Madagascar, it's no wonder lemurs are so unique!

In Photos: Big Cats
Big Cats in Photos

The big cats are some of the biggest land predators on the planet!

In Photos: Baby Monkeys and Apes
Baby Monkeys and Apes in Photos

Baby monkeys can tug at the heart strings of even the sternest of people.

In Photos: Big Cat Cubs
Big Cat Cubs in Photos

From snow leopard cubs to white tiger cubs, learn more about the big cats' young.

In Photos: Lion Country
Lion Country in Photos

See images of the magnificent big cats from Lion County in our photo gallery.

In Photos: Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
Tiger: Spy in the Jungle in Photos

Tiger: Spy in the Jungle captures the day-to-day lives of four tiny tiger cubs.

In Photos: Elephants
Elephants in Photos

Their trunks, tusks and immense size sets elephants in a class of their own!

Attenborough on the Blue Whale
Attenborough on the Blue Whale

Sir David Attenborough on the gigantic blue whale.

Attenborough on Gorillas
Attenborough on Gorillas

Sir David Attenborough talks about interacting with gorillas.

Charlotte Uhlenbroek Does Her Best Chimp Impression
Charlotte Uhlenbroek Does Her Best Chimp Impression

Zoologist and TV presenter Charlotte Uhlenbroek does a rendition of a pant hoot.

Charlotte Uhlenbroek on Chimp Human Gestures
Charlotte Uhlenbroek on Chimp Human Gestures

Charlotte Uhlenbroek tells how she saw a chimp wiping the dirt off his hand with a leaf.

Attenborough on Lemurs
Attenborough on Lemurs

Sir David Attenborough talks about Madagascan lemurs.

Simon Reeve's Close Shave with Cheetahs
Simon Reeve's Close Shave with Cheetahs

Simon Reeve talks about his close shave with a pack cheetahs.

Lion Country Trailer
Lion Country Trailer

David Youlden aims to reintroduce captive lions back into the wild.

Narwhal Tusk Clip: Ep4: Natural Curiosities
What Do Narwhals Use Their Tusks For?

A long spiral tooth sticking out the front of your face must be quite cumbersome.

Zebra Clip: Ep5 : Natural Curiosities
Taming Zebras

Counterintuitively, the zebra's stripes acted as camouflage on Victorian England streets.

Naked Mole Rats Clip: Ep 3: Natural Curiosities
What Links Naked Mole Rats and Termites?

Who would have thought that naked mole rats would have something in common with termites?

Why do Elephants have a Trunk?
Why do Elephants have a Trunk?

You can't think of elephants without immediately picturing that long trunk.

Why do Zebra have Stripes?
Why do Zebra have Stripes?

The question "why do zebra have stripes?" is one that has been asked a thousand times.

Why do Narwhals have a Tusk?
Why do Narwhals have a Tusk?

The exact function of the narwhal's tusk has troubled scientists for years.

Zebra Facts and Photos

Simply striped horses or are they patterned marvels?

Narwhal Facts and Photos

The spiral tusk typifies this extraordinary whale.

Naked Mole Rat
Naked Mole Rat Facts and Photos

The curious African burrowing rodent with a set of very unusual adaptations.

Duck-billed Platypus
Duck-billed Platypus Facts and Photos

When first discovered it was so odd that it was thought to be a hoax.

Apes and Monkeys
Apes and Monkeys Photos and Facts

Simians are classified as the higher primates, and include apes and monkeys.

Lemur-spotting in Madagascar
Lemur-spotting in Madagascar

Getting close to the Madagascan locals can be an astonishing experience.

Pushkar Camel Festival in India
Pushkar Camel Festival

More than 50,000 camels and cattle are bartered at this livestock fair in India.

Raccoon Facts and Photos

Superbly adaptable raccoons seem to eat almost anything.

Bat Facts and Photos

Bats are unique among mammals, they can fly!

Otter Facts and Photos

Learn all about everyone's favourite semi-aquatic mammal with our otter facts.

Wolf Facts and Photos

Wolves capture our imagination for their fierce loyalty and devotion.

Wildebeest Migration in Kenya and Tanzania
Wildebeest Migration

One of the world's most exciting wildlife shows happens in Kenya at the end of July.

Gorilla Trekking in Central Africa
Gorilla Trekking in Central Africa

No cages - just you and the world's largest primates, deep in the jungle.

Dolphin Facts and Photos

Dolphins are a kind of toothed whale and are incredibly intelligent.

Whale Facts and Photos

The cetaceans include both the baleen and toothed whales.

Polar Bears
Polar Bear Facts and Photos

Polar bears are the largest land carnivores on Earth.

The Orangutans of Borneo
The Orangutans of Borneo

With as few as 15,000 orangutans left in the wild, a personal encounter is magical.

Tiger-spotting in India
Tiger-spotting in India

Seeing a tiger in the wild is a rare and unforgettable experience.

Whale and Dolphin Watching in New Zealand
Whale and Dolphin Watching

No visit to New Zealand is complete without spotting its spectacular marine life.

Weddell Seals
Weddell Seal Facts and Photos

The Arctic Weddell seals were named after British sailor, Captain James Weddell.

Walrus Facts and Photos

Find out more about these magnificent creatures and their behaviour.

Elephant Facts and Photos

Why do elephants favour one tusk? Do they really never forget?

Zebra Domestication
Zebra Domestication

Zebras evolved among the Old World horses within the last 4 million years.

Big Cats
Big Cat Facts and Photos

Big cats include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and cheetahs.

Sloth Facts and Photos

Sloths have come to symbolise laziness but these magnificent animals aren't boring!

Lemur Facts and Photos

The isolated island of Madagascar is famous for its lemur inhabitants.

Giraffe Facts and Photos

The world’s tallest land animal, giraffes are one of the most unique species on Earth.