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Series 1


  • Hunters and Hunted

    David Attenborough presents this definitive nature series. A look at mammals' many survival strategies, featuring some unique footage of a killer whale.

  • Primates

    Final part of the acclaimed nature series. A look at primates - from armies of hamadryas baboons battling in Ethiopia to macaques in Japan lounging in thermal springs.

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  • Insects

    The acclaimed nature series here looks at the most successful animal group. There are 200 million insects for each human. The key is an armoured and adaptable covering.

  • Creatures of the Deep

    The wildlife series looks at marine invertebrates and some of the planet's most bizarre and beautiful animals.

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  • Plants

    The stunning nature series here looks at plants and the ingenious solutions that they employ to counter life's challenges, such as spring-loaded traps, suckers and claws!

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  • Fish

    Nature series presented by David Attenborough. Here, he shows how fish dominate the planet's waters through their variety of shape and behaviour.

  • Birds

    The wildlife series looks at birds. Slow-motion cameras and aerial photography reveal some of the extraordinary things that having feathers allows them to do.

  • Challenges of Life

    David Attenborough presents this wildlife series. Living long enough to breed is an epic struggle. Animals go to extremes for this.

  • Reptiles and Amphibians

    David Attenborough unravels nature's mysteries. Reptiles and amphibians have developed many ways of conquering their shortcomings.

  • Mammals

    David Attenborough explores wildlife. From Weddell seals to humpback whales, mammals dominate the planet through having warm blood and caring for their young.