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Outback Vet

Series 1

Outback Vet

  • Whale Shark Mission & The Stone Fish

    Dr Lu encounters a dog that has been bitten by a snake, a puppy with its paw stung by a stonefish and a chicken attacked by neighbouring dogs.

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    Not scheduled
  • Deadly Heatstroke & Rare Cat Dilemma

    Dr Rick tries to make sure infamous and spoilt three-legged pub dog Krystal isn't over-indulging, while Ed and Duncan are sourcing a stingray.

  • GPS Tagging Camel & A Snake Bite

    Dr Rick's daughter Dr Lu encounters a midnight emergency with french bulldog Rainbow, rushed in with a dangerous and possibly fatal snake bite.

  • The Leopard Shark & Canine Car Accident

    A depressed gecko, a lost thorny devil and a dog with a dislocated leg barely scratches the surface of Karratha Vet Hospital's agenda.