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How to Film Rockpools and Water
How to Film Rockpools and Water

Filming in water can be challenging, but Nigel Marven has got some hints and tips for you!

Your Inner Fish Clip
Your Inner Fish Clip

You may not think you have much in common with fish, but...

Electric Eel Clip: Ep 6: Natural Curiosities Series 2
Sensational Electric Eels

Electric eels were a sensation when they were first brought to this country!

Seahorses Clip: Ep 9: Natural Curiosities Series 2
A Fish Like No Other

Male seahorses really are a fish like no other, keeping their young in a special pouch.

Seahorse Facts and Photos

Seahorses are a remarkable fish with the males becoming pregnant with the female's eggs.

Electric Eel
Electric Eel Facts and Photos

Electric eels are famed for their ability to produce an electric shock.

In Photos: Alien Reefs
Alien Reefs in Photos

There are as many species of coral in deep sea reefs as in their warm water counterparts.

Oceans at 7 Trailer
Oceans at 7 Trailer

A world of wildlife beneath the waves.

Into The Deep Trailer
Into The Deep Trailer

Exploring the deep blue sea's weird, wonderful and creepy inhabitants.

Whale Adventure Trailer
Whale Adventure Trailer

Nigel Marven sets out on another adventure, this time focusing on grey whales.

In Photos: Deep Blue Dive
Deep Blue Dive in Photos

Trevor Hutton is self-trained but South Africa has always cautioned against the sport.

In Photos: Swimming with Killer Whales
Swimming with Killer Whales in Photos

One of the most wide-spread mammals on the planet, they inhabit every ocean.

In Photos: Fish
Fish in Photos

Fish come in a vast range of sizes and design.

In Photos: Sharks
Sharks in Photos

There are over 470 species of shark. See some of them in action.

In Photos: Deep Blue
Deep Blue in Photos

See all kinds of underwater life with these pictures of fish and sea creatures.

In Photos: Great Barrier Reef: Reef to Rainforest
Reef to Rainforest in Photos

Photos taken from the Reef to Rainforest episode of Great Barrier Reef.

In Photos: Ocean: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Ocean: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth in Photos

What lies at the bottom of the oceans? What would happen if the planet lost them?

Attenborough on the Blue Whale
Attenborough on the Blue Whale

Sir David Attenborough on the gigantic blue whale.

Attenborough on the Blue Planet
Attenborough on the Blue Planet

Sir David Attenborough talks about Earth's oceans.

Tidal Sea Facts
Tidal Sea Facts

The movement of the tides is caused by rotation of the Moon and the Earth.

Fish Facts and Photos

Did you know that there are some fish species that can walk on land?

Shark Facts and Photos

Sharks are cartilaginous fish which have been in our oceans for over 420 million years.

Travel on a South Pacific Cargo Boat
South Pacific Boat Trip

Cargo vessels are the closest you can get to recreating the golden age of sea travel.

Whale and Dolphin Watching in New Zealand
Whale and Dolphin Watching

No visit to New Zealand is complete without spotting its spectacular marine life.

Ocean Facts

How big is the world's biggest iceberg? How deep can you dive without oxygen?