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Filming Kingfishers and Dragonflies over Water

Filming Kingfishers and Dragonflies over Water

Filming wildlife around water can be taxing - be sure you get some tips from Simon King!

How to Film Small Subjects in Macro

How to Film Small Subjects in Macro

Nigel Marven shows us how to capture great shots of tiny creatures.

Aphid Clip: Ep 1: Natural Curiosities

Remarkable Virgin Aphids

Aphids reproduce like tiny Russian dolls with multiple generations inside each individual.

Giant Squid Clip: Ep 3: Natural Curiosities

Kraken or Giant Squid?

What kind of animal would wrestle a sperm whale in the deep?

Death's Head Clip: Ep 4: Natural Curiosities

Devious Death's Head Hawkmoth

The death's head hawkmoth may look freakish but it prefers to slip by unnoticed.

Spider Silk Clip: Ep 8: Natural Curiosities Series 2

Super Spider Silk

Spider silk is the toughest natural material known to man.

Painted Lady Butterflies

Painted Lady Butterflies Facts and Photos

Painted ladies are a popular butterfly, which undergoes a curious relay migration.


Spider Facts and Photos

Even if your an arachnophobe spiders are still a remarkable animal!

Death's Head Hawkmoth

Death's Head Hawkmoth Facts and Photos

Death's head hawkmoths may be pretty startling to us but they're almost invisible to bees.

Giant Squid

Giant Squid Facts and Photos

Giant squid are enormous deep-sea cephalopods found throughout the world's oceans.


Aphid Photos and Facts

Aphids are small insects that can be found drinking sap on plants in gardens worldwide.

In Photos: Invertebrates

Invertebrates in Photos

They may be spineless, but they're some of the hardiest creatures on Earth.

Bruce Parry on His Allergies

Bruce Parry on His Allergies

TV adventurer Bruce Parry tells Eden about his allergies.

In Photos: Insects

Insects in Photos

Insects represent over half of all known living organisms.

In Photos: Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and Moths in Photos

Butterflies and moths are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

In Photos: Life in the Undergrowth

Life in the Undergrowth in Photos

Life in the Undergrowth explores the creepy crawly side of life.