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In Photos: Swimming with Killer Whales

Swimming with Killer Whales in Photos

One of the most wide-spread mammals on the planet, they inhabit every ocean.

In Photos: Raising Big Blue

Raising Big Blue in Photos

Following Canadian scientists as they uncover a buried skeleton of a blue whale.

In Photos: Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven

Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven in Photos

Up and down the coastline, Nigel Marven meets whale-watchers, scientists and researchers.

Whale and Dolphin Watching in New Zealand

Whale and Dolphin Watching

No visit to New Zealand is complete without spotting its spectacular marine life.


Dolphin Facts and Photos

Dolphins are a kind of toothed whale and are incredibly intelligent.


Whale Facts and Photos

The cetaceans include both the baleen and toothed whales.


Narwhal Facts and Photos

The spiral tusk typifies this extraordinary whale.

Why do Narwhals have a Tusk?

Why do Narwhals have a Tusk?

The exact function of the narwhal's tusk has troubled scientists for years.

Whale Adventure Trailer

Whale Adventure Trailer

Nigel Marven sets out on another adventure, this time focusing on grey whales.

Narwhal Tusk Clip: Ep4: Natural Curiosities

What Do Narwhals Use Their Tusks For?

A long spiral tooth sticking out the front of your face must be quite cumbersome.