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Series 1

Wild Africa

  • Mountains

    Discover the dramatic extremes of the African continent. This first episode focuses on mountain-dwelling wildlife such as Ethiopian wolves and the bizarre gelada baboons.

  • Savannah

    Exploring the extremes of the African continent. Here, a look at Africa's savannahs - grassy plains and woodland filled with huge herds of buffalo, wildebeest and gazelles.

  • Deserts

    The diverse flora and fauna of the world's second biggest continent. Learn how animals have found ways to flourish in the parts of Africa where rain may not fall for years.

  • Coasts

    Africa's vast and varied coastline plays host to tree-climbing crabs and shark-eating baboons. Witness these and other bizarre creatures in the superb natural history series.

  • Jungle

    The amazing natural history series exploring the African continent. See giant fruit falling from the skies, fish swimming in an elephant's footprint and poison-eating monkeys.

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  • Lakes and Rivers

    Exploring the vast landscapes and staggering extremes of the African continent. Here, a look at the wildlife that congregates around Africa's lakes and rivers.

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