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Africa: Martyn Colbeck Interview

Africa Interview

Wildlife cameraman Martyn Colbeck talks about capturing the giraffe fighting sequence.

Africa Clip

Africa Clip

Watch a clip from Sir David Attenborough's spectacular series Africa.

Lions on the Move Clip

Lions on the Move Clip

Watch a clip of the series covering Lions on the Move.

In Photos: Hyenas from Lions on the Move

Hyenas from Lions on the Move in Photos

There were more than just lions in Lions on the Move... There were hyenas too!

In Photos: Wildebeest

Wildebeest in Photos

Famous for their epic migrations, wildebeest herds are a sight to behold.

In Photos: Cheetah: Prince of Speed

Cheetah: Prince of Speed in Photos

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth, keeping up with them is a struggle.

In Photos: Wildlife Rescue Africa

Wildlife Rescue Africa in Photos

Wildlife Rescue Africa follows the work of a wildlife conservation team.

In Photos: Amazing Africa

Amazing Africa in Photos

Celebrating the best of Africa, the second largest continent on Earth.

In Photos: Wildest Africa

Wildest Africa in Photos

Some incredible images from the series Wildest Africa.

In Photos: Boteti – The Returning River

Boteti – The Returning River in Photos

The Boteti gradually dried up leaving zebras, elephants and crocodiles high and dry.

In Photos: Africa: Earthflight

Africa: Earthflight in Photos

Fly over Africa on the back of a vulture and see the African continent with fresh eyes.

In Photos: African Elephants

African Elephants in Photos

African elephants are even larger than there Asian relatives.

In Photos: Lions

Lions in Photos

Lions are the sociable members of the cat family.

In Photos: Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla in Photos

A gallery of images from the series Mountain Gorilla.

Simon Reeve's Close Shave with Cheetahs

Simon Reeve's Close Shave with Cheetahs

Simon Reeve talks about his close shave with a pack cheetahs.

Lion Country Trailer

Lion Country Trailer

David Youlden aims to reintroduce captive lions back into the wild.