About Supersized Earth

This spectacular series traces the incredible story of how humans have transformed our world in a generation.

Supersized Earth

In this awe-inspiring three-part series, Dallas Campbell travels the globe, visiting the world's largest and most ambitious engineering projects, exploring the power of human ingenuity and the making of the modern world.

Dallas Campbell in Tokyo, Japan

Dallas Campbell in Tokyo, Japan

We’ll see Dallas explore how we have been redesigning the planet as we build ever more astonishing places to live. From the world’s tallest building in Dubai to the warren-like cities in China, Dallas looks at what we call home.

Next, Dallas looks at how we move, and how we can now travel further and faster than ever before, thanks to our desire to shrink the world. Finally, Dallas looks at how we produce our food and fuel, travelling to Spain and the US to see the world’s largest greenhouse array and a desert city respectively.