About Termites - The Inner Sanctum

They cannot tolerate sunlight and some of them are even blind, but termites remain one of the world's most ingenious builders in the animal kingdom.

They build homes that are comparatively 25 times taller than the Empire State Building. They are the only animals that have managed to build an air-conditioning system without electricity. Their nests are architectural masterpieces that rise up to eight meters from the ground and dispose brood chambers for larvae, corridors for transportation, fungal gardens for nutrition and even emergency exits for hostile attacks.

But how do these amazing and often misunderstood insects do it?

This new and exclusive one-off takes us along a journey into another world to visit the skilfully-built termite mounds and experience dramatic and exciting stories in the life of a termite-colony via state-of-the-art macro film technology. Filmed in the US, Kenya and Borneo, Termites is a rare peek into a busy and astonishing world.