About On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice is a gruelling documentary of endurance and team work in one of the most beautiful but unforgiving habitats in the world.

On Thin Ice

Can the team, consisting of Ben Fogle, James Cracknell, and Ed Coats, complete their epic race across Antarctica to the South Pole?

This extraordinary television series covers the entire experience, starting with the team's training exercises in Switzerland and including the beginning of their race to the South Pole shortly after New Year's Day 2009.

Ben Fogle

James Cracknell and Ben Fogle start their training and find their third team member - actor Jonny Lee Miller. However, needing a team of three adventurers to race to the South Pole, actor Jonny Lee Miller pulls out. This leaves Ben and James in desperate need of a third team mate to join them on their journey.

In the third episode, we find the team's hopes dashed in the endeavour to reach the South Pole? Ben undergoes treatment for a lethal tropical illness, while James is joined by a new team mate.

On Thin Ice

Finally, in the fourth episode the gruelling journey to the South Pole finally begins! After days of blizzards, the weather clears, and the team reach the start line of the Amundsen South Pole Race. We conclude the series following Ben Fogle and Co's race to the South Pole, the team begin the second half on good form but the harsh conditions soon take their toll.