About Ugly Animals

Intrepid explorer and naturalist Nigel Marven returns to Eden with a film that gives animals rarely seen on our screens a chance to shine.

Nigel Marven

Ugly animals are often shunted to one side when it comes to natural history series as the cute, good-looking and highly cuddleable ones get all the air time.

But Nigel is about to change all that as he seeks out the ugliest animals in the world.

From wrinkled bats to naked mole rats and from ugly bugs to plump toads, we'll find that appearances can be deceptive. In a world obsessed with beauty, being ugly in the animal world has its advantages.

For some animals, being ugly makes them more attractive to the opposite sex and in some cases, what we call ugliness can make the difference between life and death.

The warthog is one of Africa's ugliest animals. With its disproportionally shaped head, the warthog looks plain odd. Its tusks, sitting high and low on its face are both formidable weapons and tools that help search for a meal.

But its warts – males have four and females have two – are actually tough bits of gristly skin, which if utilised in battle can actually save their lives. Even the ugliest parts of an animal's body can be crucial to their survival.

Ugly Animals shows you should never read a book by its cover.