About Voyage of the Continents

This stunning UK premiere series tells a story of high drama and intense beauty - how, over many millennia, geology and evolution have interacted to forge life as we know it on Earth.

Voyage Of The Continents

Over billions of years of the Earth's history our planet has never stopped changing shape. Massive tectonic forces have sculpted and re-sculpted our world in a never-ending journey. Tectonics has created life - and destroyed it as well. Huge volcanoes and devastating earthquakes continue to dominate human history.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Five unforgettable episodes - Oceania: The Tectonic Ring Of Fire; Asia: The Tectonics Of Life And Death; Asia: Rising Mountains And Sinking Countries; Europe: Tropical Beginnings; and Europe: A Turbulent Future - all examine how continents were created, how they've changed and how landmass and ocean have shifted to form the countries and boundaries we know today.

From the collision of the Australian and pacific tectonic plates that formed the lands of the Pacific and how Siberia joined other landmasses to seeing how the Himalayas were pushed upwards and going back to the birth of Europe, this unmissable series uses CGI recreations to show how the Earth changed... and continues to change.