About What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?

Can Professor Brian Cox find answers to questions that some of the most famous scientists and thinkers could not answer?

Professor Brian Cox

Eden's World of Wonder continues by posing a question that has baffled the greatest minds of the human race for centuries. It's a mystery that lies at the heart of everything – from the Big Bang and the beginning of time, to the existence of life on Earth and the strange distortions in the cosmos.

Professor Brian Cox wants to know why the Universe is built the way it is and believes the answers lie in the forces of gravity.

Newton thought gravity was powered by God, and even Einstein failed to completely solve it.

Heading out with his film crew on a road trip across the US, Brian fires lasers at the moon in Texas, goes mad in the desert in Arizona, encounters the bending of space and time at a maximum security military base, tries to detect ripples in our reality in the swamps of Louisiana and searches for hidden dimensions just outside Chicago.