About Wild China

Well known for the vast land mass it inhabits and its astonishingly beautiful and diverse landscapes, China has often been a country shrouded in mystery and myth. Until now. Wild China gains unprecedented access to reveal the little-known natural treasures and secret wildlife havens of China’s wildest regions.

Wild China

© George Chan 2007

The stunning, six-part series begins with a trip into a region filled with egg carton-shaped hills of the south of the country, where peasants plough rice paddies next to rivers filled with dwarf alligators and giant salamanders.

The series then moves on the country’s remote southwest, where huge rivers carve their way through towering peaks. This landscape is home to some of the highest-dwelling primates in the world as well as wild elephants who live in the forests below… along with ancient tribes.

With trips to Tibet, the extreme weather in the north, panda country in the heartlands and up and down its coasts, Wild China is the most comprehensive study of The Middle Kingdom there has ever been on television.