About Wild Down Under

The wonderful wildlife and luscious landscape of Australia is explored in this gorgeous series. Enjoy the delights of Down Under without having to leave the confines of your front room.


Introducing the continent and surrounding islands, capturing the enormity of this vast and exotic land which is home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world the first episode is followed by the features of Australia's huge central desert. Australia is home to a diversity of flora and fauna. Nomadic budgerigars and giant red kangaroos flourish in a land battered by cycles of drought and flood.


The dramatic Australian coastline and the Great Barrier Reef include incredible wildlife such as walking fish, surfing dolphins and giant cuttlefish while a tour of the magical gum tree woodlands reveals a home to parrots, koalas and kangaroos.

Wild Down Under also sets out to explore the islands around Australia, from tropical New Guinea to icy New Zealand.

So sit back and say “G’day” to some of the most stunning surroundings on Earth with Wild Down Under on Eden.