David Attenborough Web Chat Transcript

Sir David Attenborough, Britain's favourite naturalist, joined us for a live web chat. Read the full transcript.

David Attenborough

Photo: David Parry/PA

As well as championing the need to take action to prevent further climate change, he also talked about his highlights during an extraordinary career, his scariest moment and his abiding love for our natural world. Plus find out what animal he thinks he’s most like...

Sir David Attenborough: Welcome to the live chat. I look forward to answering your questions.

LucyM: I have always been inspired by your work since getting the life of birds for christmas aged four. When I am older, I want to be a conservationist but at the moment, there is little I can actively do as a 14 year old living at home, and still at school - there aren’t many rainforests near where I live! How could I get involved in conservation?

Sir David Attenborough: The need for conservation is not restricted to rainforests. It’s needed here just as much. If you wanted to become involved contact your County Wildlife Trust or the World Wildlife Fund HQ in Surrey.

Takara: David do you think the siting of great white sharks and other bigger warm water preditors are because of shift in weather and gulf stream?

Sir David Attenborough: Certainly marine species of fish and indeed turtles have started to move northwards as our coastal waters are warmed. I am not aware of the great white shark here but it is not impossible.

SimonB: What species of animal do you think will be next extinct due to global warming?

Sir David Attenborough: The polar bear is the most endangered species from this particular cause. Coral reefs too are in real danger.

Antz: What is the single biggest contributor to global warming?

Sir David Attenborough: The way we generate our energy is the biggest cause.