About Expedition Borneo

Expedition Borneo sees Steve Backshall explore the jungle island habitat of Borneo, uncovering the lost world of jungles, mountains and ravines that hide the island's abundance of wildlife.

Expedition Borneo

An assembled team of jungle specialists - scientists, climbers and wildlife filmmakers - explore the habitat before it's too late.

Felling the rainforest for tropical timber and converting land to palm oil plantation threatens the whole ecosystem, and Steve’s expedition aims is to track down and film the amazing animals that live in Borneo’s wilderness, where the hope is that this evidence will help in the struggle to conserve this region for ever.

With the team living and working at a specially-constructed base camp deep in the jungle, and with conditions around them like a sauna (not to mention creepy crawlies like leeches causing problems), it’s a labour of love for the team to compile their research.