About Great Bear Stakeout

Great Bear Stakeout is filmed using a huge team and a range of high-tech cameras.

Great Bear Stakeout

Every summer, when hundreds of grizzlies gather in North America to mate, fight and gorge on salmon, the action is certainly explosive. You might think we’ve seen it a million times before, but we’ve never seen it like this.

Great Bear Stakeout team filming in Katmai National Park, Alaska

Great Bear Stakeout team filming in Katmai National Park, Alaska

Using a huge stakeout team and a range of cameras, from HD to the latest in hi-tech remotes, this stunning series takes you right into the heart of grizzly bear central, a magical location in wildest Alaska, bringing you face-to-face with the key movers and shakers.

Follow their stories and experience what it’s like to be a bear thrust into the biggest gang of grizzlies on the planet. For some, the going is easy – Van and Alice, the ‘Posh and Becks’ of the bear world, can take their pick of food and partners.

For others, like nervy new mum Parsnip and her new-born cubs, the struggle begins from day one.

The stakeout teams endeavour to get cameras where no-one’s dared before, so you can follow the bear cast as they race to fatten up before the winter snows arrive. To survive in this neighbourhood, you need to know how to handle yourself – that goes for bears and crew.