About Land of the Lost Wolves

The elusive wild wolf is returning in droves to North America. Few other animals inspire such hatred and passion.

Gordon Buchanan

Once shot to the brink of extinction, the wolves are coming back with a vengeance and are on a collision course with humans. Scientists know very little about where they are from, how fast they are spreading and what their impact will be.

As sightings of packs are being reported closer to major cities than ever before, understanding these animals has never been more important. Recently a pack was recorded just hours away from Seattle.


Gordon and a team of local scientists track these invading wolf packs throughout the year using a variety of means - from dog sleds to snowshoes and skidoos. Finding the wily animals requires every ounce of field skill and technical expertise the crew can muster.

Does the resurgence of this magnificent animal signal a better future for all wildlife or will it inflame the age old dispute between man and beast?