About Lion Country

Lion Country sees conservationist David Youlden and team work on a controversial reintroduction programme which aims to release captive lions back into the wild.

Lion Country

Fraught with constant struggles of dealing with the semi-wild animals, Lion Country shows the ups and downs of this painstaking process, although I'm sure playing with the cute lion cubs eases the stress levels!

Series 1

Conservationist David Youlden works on a controversial programme, set up by the African Lion & Environmental Research Trust, which aims to reintroduce captive lions back into the wild.

Set in 3000 acre Antelope Park, in Zimbabwe, David and his team of assistants prepare to release captive-bred lions back into the wild. cubs are removed from their mothers at three weeks old, and hand-reared by experienced lion handlers. The main aim of the project is to develop the hunting instincts of the young lions so that they can, one day, hunt and support themselves in the wild.

Lion Country Trailer

Series 2

In series two of Lion Country, viewers catch up with the David Youlden's progress.

As well as revisiting old friends, both human and animal, there are also new stories to be told as the project moves on to its next stage. With so much at stake, emotions and tensions are high, and every setback could prove disastrous for the real people, with a real passion to save a species.