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One of the most popular museums in the world, the magnificent Natural History Museum attracts millions of viewers every year through its doors.

Jimmy Doherty

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Once inside the magnificent Natural History Museum, there are 70 million specimens to explore, each giving us an idea how diverse and incredible the natural world living on Earth really is.

The museum attracts millions of viewers every year through its doors and Museum of Life gains unprecedented access to the museum, the vaults and its scientists.

Jimmy Doherty, Liz Bonnin, Kate Bellingham, Chris Van Tulleken and Mark Carwardine find out how the Natural History Museum's vast array of exhibits are cared for and preserved by a team of dedicated individuals.


We'll see Jimmy Doherty as he gets to grips with Darwin's finches and the famous fossil dinosaur Dippy the Diplodocus, which looms over the atrium. We will also find out whether the T. rex really was as fearsome a predator as we are lead to believe, and then travel to the Victorian Natural History Museum in Tring to find what museum scientists are doing to tackle a nasty disease that affects 200 million people worldwide.