About Nature's Babies

Nature's Babies celebrates the life of young animals, from parents' preparations for birth, the birth itself, care, development, feeding and the training that occurs in the first weeks and months of life.

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The first episode, Wild at Birth, looks at how an array of amazing creatures - wildebeast, black mamba, baboons and hippo babies - survive their first hours.

Growing up can be a happy time for these young ones but it’s not all fun and games – it also has its challenges and traumas. The maternal bonds between the mother and babies of various species, such as leopards, baboons and wild dogs, are observed in episode two.

At every stage of a baby animal's development it learns to fend for itself. Episode three, Rearing to Grow, sees baby hyenas, elephants and hippos taking their first adventures away from their mothers.

Just how well a baby animal copes with each new encounter dictates its ultimate success in the animal kingdom. Episode four, All in the Family, looks at the family units of various African animals such as cheetahs and mongooses.