About Ray Mears' Northern Wilderness

Ray Mears takes an epic adventure, exploring Canada's unforgiving, yet stunning wilderness. Ray journeys from the boreal forest to British Columbia uncovering the unspoilt beauty that the Canadian wild has to offer.

Ray Mears

Episode 1 - The Forgotten Forest

Ray explores Canada's vast Boreal Forest and unlocks the secrets of this forgotten world.

Episode 2 - The Company that Built a Country

Ray tells the story of the British fur trade company that opened up Canada.

Episode 3 - The Unknown Pioneer

Ray follows in the footsteps of British pioneer Samuel Hearne on his epic 1,000-mile trip.

Episode 4 - In Arctic Footsteps

Ray follows in the footsteps of Arctic explorer John Rae.

Episode 5 - Koo Koo Sint - The Star Gazer

Ray Mears follows in the footsteps of British explorer David Thompson.

Episode 6 - Journey's End

Ray Mears explores the unique cultures, skills and landscape of Canada's far west.