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Series 1


  • Kalahari

    David Attenborough visits the Kalahari in the first episode of this stunning documentary series about the continent of Africa and its diverse wildlife and culture.

  • Savannah

    A breathtaking journey through Africa with David Attenborough, who looks at the changing landscape of east Africa to reveal creatures found nowhere else on Earth.

  • Congo

    The great David Attenborough presents a rarely seen side of Africa. Travelling to the very heart of the continent, we meet kickboxing frogs and honey-stealing chimps.

  • Cape

    David Attenborough journeys through Africa. This episode concentrates on the Cape, where the warmer eastern Agulhas Current and cooler western Benguela Current collide.

  • Sahara

    David Attenborough takes us on a breathtaking journey across Africa. In the greatest desert on Earth, swallows have to navigate thousands of miles to find an oasis.