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Yellowstone Journals

Series 1

Yellowstone Journals

  • Competition: Battle for Territory

    How battles for territory ensue across the park, locking males in conflict and extraordinary displays as they protect territory and seek access to females.

  • Survival: Life at the Edge of Nature

    Following the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park, highlighting the few creatures that can respond to the region's battle against the elements.

  • Adaptation: Built for Greatness

    How Yellowstone is home to some of the world's most specialised creatures - animals powerfully equipped with anatomies, senses and abilities to prosper.

  • Renewal: Born to Be Wild

    Springtime sees animals earlier locked in conflict and desperation for survival, now at their most gentle, as they help their newborn young.

  • Predation: One Life Feeds Many

    How life and death co-exist side by side, following the tragic death of a single young bison as its carcass feeds an entire community of animals.

  • Collaboration: Making an Ecosystem

    How Yellowstone National Park, which spreads over 3,500 square miles, holds within its borders dozen of ecosystems, all delicately interconnected.