About Tiger: Spy in the Jungle

For years, natural history teams have struggled to crack a dilemma - how to get as close as they possibly can to some of the most-loved and rarest wild animals without being seen and disturbing their habitat. Now they've done it. Thanks to groundbreaking new cameras and shooting techniques we're able to get as close as we've ever been before to the wild, where previously the habits of their lives were often shrouded in mystery.

Tiger: Spy in the Jungle

By using the kind of stealth and gentle subterfuge that even James Bond would be proud of.

From the day their eyes open and they tumble out of the den, Tiger: Spy in the Jungle captures the day-to-day lives of four tiny tiger cubs as they grow up alongside their devoted mother in the very heart of India.

To enter the secret world of this tiger family, Sir David Attenborough, John Downer and the production team deploy the ultimate all-terrain camera vehicles (Asian elephants) kitted out with the latest high-definition 'secret weapons' of wildlife filmmaking - trunkcam, tuskcam and logcam!

The four elephants here in India's Pench national park have also been taught new filming skills by their mahouts: how to keep a steady trunk and a delicate touch.