About Tribal Wives: Series 2

We like to think we have things easy here in the west. A roof over our heads, food on the table and lots of gadgets and gizmos that make our lives as convenient as possible. But for many people living in some of the world’s most remote regions it’s down to hard work and natural resources, not the ownership material goods, that help them to live their lives.

Tribal Wives

Trading Places

For six British women, it’s time to trade their comfortable western lives for a week, to live with families in remote and tribal regions and to find out how the other half live. For some it’s the ultimate culture shock, but for some it’s an incredible learning and revelatory experience. Whatever they get out of it, it’s the ultimate life swap challenge.

The Wives

The series starts with Charlie Brades from Hampshire, who stays with a tribe of nomads called the Yoruk in southern Turkey. An independently minded 23-year-old, she is forced to confront some home truths when she moves into a one-room tent with a family of seven.

Then we’ll meet Linda from Liverpool who visits Gabon, Michelle from London who travels to Mexico, Becky from London who spends time in Papua New Guinea, divorced single mum Jackie in Thailand, and London-based entrepreneur Anna travelling to Ethiopia.

All feel there’s something missing from their lives, but these holidays are anything but breaks in the sun. These are life changing experiences in some of the world’s most remote places.