About Tropic of Cancer

Following on from his hugely successful series Equator and Tropic of Capricorn, Simon Reeve circumnavigates the globe around the 22,835 mile long Tropic of Cancer, visiting 18 different countries, meeting amazing people, witnessing bizarre and beautiful sights, and encountering spectacular and endangered wildlife.

Tropic of Cancer

Starting in Baja California - the long strip of Mexico that descends into the Pacific Ocean, Simon travels through Cuba, the Bahamas, Mauritania, the wastelands of Southern Libya, India, Bangladesh and Burma before finally reaching some of the most beautiful (and also some of the dirtiest) beaches in the world. From gorgeous landscapes to deserts, small fishing villages to violent drug wars, Simon finds out what makes these places fascinatingly unique.

Then it's off to the Western Sahara and Libya, Egypt and Oman, India, Bangladesh and Burma and, finally Laos to Hawaii. All amazing cultures, all with amazing histories and all featuring some stunning natural beauty.