About Unseen Universe

Using digital high-speed Weisscams we can slow down time.

Unseen Universe

In the blink of an eye an ear-blistering explosion rips through a quarry. A wooden shed is torn apart as if touched by an invisible force. What happened? The events unfold at such a speed, that we haven’t had time to register the details. But using digital high-speed Weisscams, we can slow down time.

Prof Martin Wikelski with a falcon

Prof Martin Wikelski with a falcon

Suddenly the powers at work are revealed: a shockwave spreads out from the heart of the explosion like a glass dome, blowing the shed apart like a house of cards. And it’s all invisible to the naked eye.

This two-part documentary goes in pursuit of the invisible – a world so alien to us, that at times we find it hard to recognise it as our own. Seeing the world in super-slowmotion allows us to explain mysteries of science and explore super-fast phenomena. It is a cinematic expedition into the incredible world of invisible movement.