About Wild Caribbean

The four-part series Wild Caribbean explores the magnificent Caribbean's incredibly rich mix of superb natural wildlife.


Treasure Islands

Revealing the incredible beauty of the Caribbean islands and their exotic wildlife. Barbuda’s mangrove forests provide perfect nesting sites for the Caribbean’s largest colony of spectacular frigatebirds. The islands also host many dangers, with this episode displaying destructive volcanic eruptions to devastating tidal waves.

Reefs and Wrecks

We explore the stunning underwater treasures of the Caribbean Sea, including the world's second largest barrier reef and countless shipwrecks, covered in corals. Superb time-lapse photography captures coral polyps emerging at night, trapping drifting plankton in their long grasping arms.

Hurricane Hell

The hurricane survival stories of the islands' wildlife residents, including Hummingbirds who seem to fly directly into the face of the 150mph winds, and lobsters who seek refuge on the reefs. The storm surges can cause widespread damage along the coast, with the sea turtles amongst the most vulnerable.

Secret Shores

The final instalment from the Wild Caribbean series journeys along the Caribbean coast of Central America. running from Panama to Mexico, the coast covers 1700 miles! From the rainforests of the Panama Canal to the Barrier Reef of the Americas, Wild Caribbean signs off in style.