About Wild Colombia With Nigel Marven

From the Andes to the Amazon, the Pacific to the Caribbean, Nigel journeys to the country's major habitats to meet rare and unusual creatures, many filmed for the very first time.

Nigel Marven

Wild Colombia Clip

Colombia is a naturalist's paradise, with more vertebrate species than any other country on planet, including over 160 species of hummingbird and more than 800 types of frog.

Nigel starts his journey in the Andes - the longest mountain range in the world, which stretches through the country. Nigel meets hummingbirds galore before heading west to the Magdalena valley, where he encounters giant creepy crawlies, capuchin monkeys and birds that live like bats.

Nigel Marven and a tarantula

An incredible journey through an incredible country, with an extraordinary array of beautiful and never seen before species.