"Lost Bird of Scotland" by Malcolm Williams

A natural history of the Scottish white tailed eagle.

Shortlisted Eden Shorts 2015

Malcolm Williams has always been fascinated with the story on how the white-tailed sea eagle was reintroduced back into Scotland in the 1970s, believing it showed "how we can live side by side and bring back some of the lost wildlife of the UK".

Eden Shorts judge Nigel Marven commented:

The Lost Bird of Scotland is a picturesque natural history of a reintroduced species.

The white-tailed eagle having caught a fish.

The white-tailed eagle having caught a fish.

Malcolm had visited Scotland on a wildlife watching trip when he was first introduced to the sea eagle. While out trying to photograph and film otters a large shadow flew over him which turned out to be "one of the largest birds I have seen". It then gave out a call that he says, "sent a shiver down my spine". This sparked an interest in the eagles for Malcolm, and he just had to get out and film them.

Having come across a loch where a local boatman would throw out a fish for the sea eagle, Malcolm found the opportunity to film the sea eagle in action, revealing that "to see it swoop down and take the fish was breathtaking".

Fellow judge and Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan was impressed by Lost Bird of Scotland:

In white-tailed sea eagles, Malcolm has picked a fantastic animal to use as the star of his film. There is the basis of some great camera-work featured, with shots of the eagle feeding and the use of a drone for sweeping wide shots to demonstrate the awe-inspiring terrain.